Toddler Curriculum Ages 18 months – 3 years

Movement and Dance for Toddlers and Their Grown-ups!

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Need some fresh ideas for teaching your toddler dance classes? This 24 week curriculum (6 lessons) offers songs and music suggestions, prop ideas, advice on how to manage a room full of toddlers, tips on transitions, and much more!


A few sample pages… MariasMoversCurriculum_thumbs4


“Maria’s curriculum has allowed me to offer classes for young kids that I feel comfortable with and confident in. The material is age appropriate and engaging.  The structure allows me (and my staff of professional dancers, which means they understand dance but sometimes don’t understand children of this age) to maintain control—mostly, they are 3-year olds, after all! The children enjoy themselves and look forward to class, and I do, too. Having structure means repetition, which allows the kids to really hone their skills and I hear they even practice at home.  Because many of my students are long-term, I occasionally add a new activity from later in the curriculum or one I’ve developed myself.  This is sufficient to keep the kids involved.  I was able to find much of the music Maria suggests on Spotify, making it super easy to begin her program right away. If Maria ever releases a curriculum for the next age group, I will be first in line to buy it.”

– Gretchen, Starlight Dance Fitness


  1. Hi!
    We are a dance studio from Québec, Canada. We are very interested in the curriculum for 18 month to 3 years old.
    The only problem is that we are a french school and that we couldn’t use all the songs and material. I would really love to have all the class plan (and would translate it). Is that any way I can only by the class plan you think?

    Let us know!

  2. I’m really loving gleaning from this curriculum and the advice and tip’s Maria give. I could not have started this class without her and I am very grateful!

  3. Hi Maria,

    Can your dance curriculum be used to be able to teach hip hop and Jazz styles or is it only for Ballet?
    thanks a lot.

  4. 1) Are the 6 lessons repeated each week for month at a time before switching lessons?
    2) Does this include 6 full lesson plans with songs, props, activities for the entire class?
    3) Does it include anything else?
    4) Do you have a discount package for purchasing the toddler and early childhood curriculum together?
    Thank you

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