Welcome to my website and blog! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m a 35 year old living in Cleveland, OH with my wonderful husband and two sons, ages 3.5 and 10 months. We just moved from NYC where we lived 11 years. This blog is a product of living there and I’m happy to share it with you!

I want my blog to be the inspiration for dance teachers. So many teachers think that they need to teach their students how they were taught and it’s just simply not true. I want more studios and teachers to see the benefit in teaching creative dance! Someone needs to advocate for it to be the forefront of tendus and plies! Right? I most of all want for early childhood dance to be educational and fun just as it should be.

Here on the blog you will find a variety of ideas for teaching littles (that’s what I call the young ones) that you can take back to your class and explore with your students. I love to come up with creative ways to teach almost anything to the 6 and under crowd. I have been blogging for 3 years now and have loved every minute of it! You will find a useful post or story about teaching on average of twice a week.


To make sure you don’t miss out, don’t forget  to subscribe to my RSS feed as I would love to hear from you through comments or emails! Want to contact me? Or interested in guest posting? Contact me through the ‘contact me’ tab or you can e-mail me at maria.f.hanley@gmail(dot)com.

So, jump in and leap around. I have no doubts you will enjoy yourself and find something you can use with your students. 

I look forward to sharing and connecting with you!


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