Foot Shake

Yesterday I came up with a partner obstacle course to try with my littles and they really got it! I wasn’t sure if they would but it was great and I was so inspired! Here’s what we did if you would like to try it!

  1. Set up four corner dots.
  2. Set up a bridge at the furthest end. I use jump rope strings for this!
  3. Put two dots on the bridge.
  4. Ask 2 students to stand on the first two dots facing each other.
  5.  Each dancer Chasse’s to the other two dots.
  6. Bourre across the bridge to the two dots and meet in the middle of the bridge.
  7. Give a high five!
  8. Give a foot shake!
  9. Then turn around and reverse. Bouree back off the bridge to the corner dot.
  10. And last chasse back to the dot they started on, but this will be the other foot for each of them. They are facing away from each other on the way back!

You could practice any skill and anything on the bridge! For a bit older dancers you could have them cross and finish on the other side that they started!

It covers teamwork, directional changes, and balance and I’m sure much more! Have you ever tried something similar? I would love to hear! And I would love to hear if you try this one! xo

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