Pool Noodles


You know what is hard to do? Pack pool noodles and move them to a new state. This year I have been challenging myself to use unique props. The most unique I can think of! These are pretty silly, but I loved using them! Here’s what I did!

I used them with ages 2-6! So fun, and I’m sure there are a million other ways to use them, but here’s what I came up with this year. 🙂

I purchased these at target then cut them in half. After I got these I realized that they have thinner ones that probably would have worked just as well or better, but these are what I got so we will go with them!

First, I had students sit on their knees and roll out fingers and arms.

Roll out legs and feet.

Go under it holding it up high, over it holding it down low, and around it by putting a finger in the hole. This turns into a little combination.

Turn noodle into a telescope or a microphone.

Balance it on the end of the noodle and then leave it to stand on it’s own. Split the class into two groups and have them dance through the balancing noodles. It’s a great spacial awareness dance. Moving too fast past them will cause the wind to knock them over.

Have you ever used pool noodles in your class? I would love to hear your ideas on what to do with them! xo




  1. I used them for the first time this week in my 3, 4 and 5 year old classes and they were a big hit! I attended your workshop at the DTS in NYC this summer so was following your ideas when using them. The kids inspired some new ideas. They really liked making shapes with the noodles and their bodies. Bending the noodles to curve them and making curved shapes with their bodies. Led us to make and compare round and straight shapes with our bodies. I did have trouble making the noodles stand up though. I am impressed with how well yours stay up! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I have used them as “paddles” for some crossing midline movement while we sing Row Your Boat.

  3. I have used noodles for lessons on “lines in space”- straight, curved, circular and zig zag. I stood at front and demonstrated with funny movements as well curving and straightening with noodle, going from a curve with my curved body and quickly straightening my body and saying “currrrve” and “zip” fast…etc…so many sweet laughs and awesome attention. I also ask them questions about the different lines around my dance space and they notice the straight line cracks between mirrors the straight barres, the round clock etc..I also use a drawing board to draw the lines as well and then show them the lines with noodles (See , hear say do..) The dancers had so much fun trying the lines with their own bodies and then moving in those pathways as well…We later had dancers combine their noodles to make a long line, zig zags etc..I don’t like leaping over them with small children because they roll so I use them as a magic wand and we fly over our clouds using the noodle as the wand etc…

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