Carousel Dance

DrawingPadAppYesterday in class a few boys came up the idea of traveling to the carousel! I can not believe I didn’t think of that before, I love the carousal! Here’s what we did:

First we bought tickets and waited in line.

Next we gave the tickets to get on. Then we got on and picked our animal. It sounded like many of them have been on a carousel that wasn’t only horses. Some of them choose bugs or people! I think the possibilities are endless here! To choose we tried to move in tiny spaces to find the right one.

Then we got on our ride and went up and down, up and down. Then we moved like our animal or person that we chose. We went fast and slow on the carousal.

The part that made it most fun was the music! We used Amusement Park March by Nigel Odgen & Cairn & Johnson. It was great! It was kind of a simple dance but it was a lot of fun and perfect for summer!

Have you ever done a carousel dance? I would love to hear!


  1. I love the idea of getting tickets to go on the the carousel and using different animals!!! I like to use the song “Merry-Go-Round” from the album Shakin’ it (I got it on iTunes) to practice walks, skips, and gallops. We do a little choreographed dance to act out the chorus (tiptoe turn, relive and plie, hug ourselves and rock side to side, jazz hands, point thumbs to ourselves. And then the first verse is walking in a circle arms out in second, the next one is skips hands on hips or shoulders, and then the last one is galloping hand on hips or holding “horse”. It is a lot of fun and the kids love it!

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