Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Read It. Move It. Share It. is a collaboration with Kerry from Picture Books and Pirouettes. Once a month Kerry recommends a book for me to use in my creative movement classes. Then I write a post on what I did with the book and how I used it with my students in hopes of giving you some new ideas to use in your classes! Here is the January book. Enjoy!

7a9a49aba996Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction site is one of my favorite books. Kerry and I have talked about collaborating on the book for a while and we are excited to share our ideas! I used this in my both my boys and girls classes. Even though it’s a goodnight book, there are so many movement ideas inside! Take a peek and I hope you will use it in class! 🙂

First, we read the book out loud. Then, we looked at all of the pictures and tried to make the shapes of what we saw. We spotted the moon, a star, clouds, the sun, and buildings.

Then we made the shapes and did the movement of each of the trucks that are featured.

1) Crane Truck: We lifted a heavy beam. This truck reaches and stretches high and swings too! He fold up to say goodnight!

2) Cement Mixer: We spin and twirl and churn, and then we poured cement.

3) Dump Truck: We carried loads big and small, then dump! I asked questions like can you dump the what you are carrying out the back, or out the front?

4) Bulldozer: Pushing while making big sounds!

5) Excavator: Scooping movement and digging!

At the end we stretched and relaxed on floor as all the trucks fell asleep. I asked them to show me their favorite truck. My favorite is the dump truck! 🙂 What’s yours?

Have you ever used this book with your students? It’s super fun! I would love to hear!

Now head on over to Kerry’s blog to find out about the book! xo

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