Exploring 2 Props

IMG_2835This week in class I am trying something new! We are dancing with two props at the same time! Gettin’ crazy around here! Ha! Here’s what we did:

The two props I am using are ribbon sticks and streamers. I have a lesson I use with both of these props but I thought dancing with both at the same time would be interesting! First we danced with them to an instrumental Frozen song. Don’t the colors of the props remind you of January and Frozen? 😉

Then we talked about heavy and light. One is lighter to dance with then the other. I asked them to hold up which one felt light to dance with and then which one felt heavy. Some of them understood it, but some of them we confused. Showed me we need to do more lessons on heavy and light. Dancing with two things is a good way to figure it out.

The props have two different qualities of movement which was important for the dancers to see!

Next we made a shape on the floor with both of the props. Whatever shape they wanted to make. It didn’t have to look like anything at all, they just had to use them both. Then we made the shape in our body. It was cool to them translate what they created into their body.


Last, we practiced some coordination. We took both and circled them in and out then following each other left, then right.

It was a fun lesson to teach. I feel like it could still be developed. As the week goes on lessons usually evolve.

Have you ever done a lesson using two different props at the same time? What were they? I would love to hear! xo


  1. Love this idea!! I used a tongue depressor as a stick glued and then covered with colored duct tape 6 thin ribbons to explore with William Tells overture and then I brought in a fan to add wind as we rode our horses and used our rainbow sticks as the kids called them. It was fun to add in the wind and see how the extra element changed the mood and actions the kids came up with- the imaginations went wild!
    will try your idea looking forward to it as school just ended but gearing up already!!

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