Back In Action!

IMG_8568Hi Friends,

I know it’s been so long since I wrote and I have missed it. And you. After having my baby I went back to teaching a full schedule in 7 weeks. What I didn’t anticipate was that I needed a longer maternity leave from writing. I really missed it, but just couldn’t find time to sit down and write. Honestly, anytime I really sit down, I fall asleep! Ha!

I know a lot of you have your own children, plus teach hundred of children a week, so I know you understand.

I have lots to tell you about, and giveaways to post, plus I’m going to continue the Around The World Series! So here’s to a new beginning of writing. I hope you are still with me!


p.s. My celebrations are in 30 days! Oh yeah, planning shows have been happily taking up my time as well! How are your celebrations coming along? Above is a photo of H on the JCC stage. I took all my littles to the stage to rehearse during there class time this past week. It was so much fun! 🙂


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