Do you know about hashtags? Well, that’s a silly question, of course you do. I’m surprised my 5 year old students aren’t walking around saying “hashtag MissMaria” or “hashtag iloveballet,” Ha!

But seriously, I had the idea last week to use a hashtag for my celebration that is coming up in a few weeks. I came to the conclusion that I really want to gather the memories and using a hashtag is a great way to do it. I always miss so much behind the scenes and I feel like this is a way to get a good overview of what’s happening.

You just promote the hashtag at your show and then when someone posts a photo or an update about it, it will show in the feed on facebook when you search the hashtag! Like magic! 🙂

Oh, and that’s the other thing… hashtags aren’t just for twitter anymore! Facebook seems like the perfect place to gather the memories, don’t you think? I feel like it’s a much smaller scale and much more personal.

Would you consider using a hashtag at your show or performance this year? Have you ever used one? I will report back on how it goes, but I’m so excited about it!



  1. We did this last year and we had a decent response to it – mostly the tweens enjoyed it with instagram. I got the idea from a wedding that I went to that did it so that they could see all the photos from their day.

    I kept it simple (#ABCrecital or #ABCdance) and made sure to put it in a few places in our program. It was fun! 🙂

    1. Author

      Glad to hear it worked for you Cait! I’m excited to try it! Are you going to do it again this year?

  2. I “stole” this idea as soon as you posted about on Facebook! Loved the idea and I’m so excited to capture the memories together with the studio. It’s also good to help us create some “buzz” before the show since it’s our very first year – it’s been a struggle to find the excitement for the show without anything in the past to compare it to. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas xo

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