My all boys class is a complete joy. It feeds my soul! Teaching a class of 3 year old boys is educating me a lot about the developmental differences between boys and girls.

For example, boys can organize themselves in a split second! Seriously, if you ask them to form a line, they just do it. If you ask girls to form a line, it takes them an hour. Ok, not an hour, but it takes girls sooooo much loooooonger. Why in the world? Girls seem to take so much into consideration, like who’s standing where and if where they are standing in line is a good place. It’s just my observation, but it is so interesting to me.

Today in class I brought in airplanes: little foam gliders that I ordered in the fall, hoping to use them one day. We are creating an airplane dance, so naturally flying planes for props must happen! They absolutely loved them. Once I passed them out, I stood back to watch. I noticed that they flew the gliders on their own. They quietly studied how they worked, kept to themselves making airplane noises and copying the movement of the glider with their body.

Again, if I give girls a prop, they want to show me. They “need” my attention. They want me to acknowledge that I see them. They want me to see what they are doing. So interesting, isn’t it.

Now, just to be clear, I love girls. I teach over 200 of them under 6 a week. I just find the differences between boys and girls fascinating at this age.

You can find the gliders here if you want to try using them in your own class.

Do you teach an all boys class? Even if you don’t, do you notice a difference between boys and girls at this young age? I love them equally and I think this discussion could be amazing! I would love to hear your thoughts below.


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