Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s day is a week away! After looking through my past posts, I realized I have posted a lot about Valentine’s Day! I thought I would list them here! I hope you can use them, they are all so fun!

1) Handshake and High Five Dance

2) 20 Words To Encourage Young Dancers 

3) X’s and O’s 

4) Make Heart Bean Bags

5) Arabesque with A Rose 

What kind of dances are you doing next week for Valentine’s day? I would love hear!

p.s. winter olympics ideas here and here. 



  1. I love to use candy hearts… we assign a movement to each color and then they grab four randomly and can arrange them in any order… slap a beginning shape and ending shape you voila! you have a dance 🙂 Great for any dance style – tap, ballet, modern, even use it in kids yoga to create a sequence of poses. xo

  2. Tried out X’s and O’s with my littles today and they loved it. They never seize to amaze me with their creative minds and bodies. Thanks for sharing Maria!

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