Cotton Snow

photo-11So.. I had an idea! I wanted to dance about snow, since NYC got a lot of it last week, and every single dancer is talking about FROZEN. (have you seen it? I saw it this weekend! So good!)

First we did an imagination snow dance making our snowflakes turn, get stuck in the cloud and then fall slowly down to the ground. Then I told them all to close their eyes.

I turned on the Snow Day song from the Fresh Beat Band & Let It Go from Frozen and poured the cotton balls all over the studio! “It snowed!”

The first few times I did it with classes, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but then… it started to get magical! We threw the cotton balls at the mirror and up to the ceiling and at each other! It was really fun, and amazingly a great stress reliever for me! 🙂

When it was time to pick them all up, I yelled out “it’s almost summer!” It was so fun!

photo-10Have you ever used cotton balls in your dance room? What other props do you use for snow? I experimented with tissues in my apartment, but they didn’t seem to have “an element of fun” like the cotton balls did!

p.s. warning: if you teach on carpet, it gets all over! 🙂 


  1. I use artificial white wedding petals. I tried cotton balls last year and the carpet mess didn’t go well over at the pre-schools I teach at. So….I switched to snow petals and the kids love it! can’t throw them like cotton balls though. So when I have a marley floor I bust out the cotton balls ; )

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