Community Brainstorm – Project 2014!


Who wants to have a community brainstorm? Introducing my new project!

For my 2014 project, I will choose a topic and then reach out to teachers & readers in this community to share their lesson, thoughts, and ideas on that topic. Topics will vary from music, management, themes and much more!

I will call you correspondents! Want to be a correspondent? Fill out the form here and I will contact you multiple times throughout the year. In the form you will tell me how to contact you and what topics you want to see.

I hope to post at least 2 (maybe more!) topics a month. If you have ideas on topics you want to see, please comment or fill out the form! I will try my very best to make them as helpful and diverse as possible!

Here we go 2014! Happy New Year! 🙂

p.s. See my 2013 Creating With Kids project here. It’s still ongoing, if you want to join in!


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