Creating With Kids Round-Up! 52 Teachers!


We did it! 52 teachers interviewed in 2013! I’m so grateful for this project and for all of you who were a part of it! Thank you! It brought even more teachers into this community and I don’t know about you, but I learned something new from each one.

I’m not sure I have the words to express how grateful I am for this blog and this project. I have made new friends and gained new opportunities that I never would have otherwise. You all are so amazing! Keep doing the wonderful work of creating with kids.

1) Kayla Hocker calls herself a community movement advocate.

2) Christina Ratatori educates teachers on why the arts are important for their classrooms.

3) Karla Kress-Boyle has a hula hoop certification!

4) Charemaine Seet‘s philosophy is that “dance class is a collaboration between teacher and student.”

5) Liz Vacco says “it’s most important to find fresh ideas and generate new material to keep you inspired.”

6) Kerry Bevens says “love what you do, and your students will love it too.”

7) Zan Langstaf says “don’t reinvent the wheel, but find a different way to get the wheel to turn.”

8) Sheena Jeffers says “we are in the business of shaping self-confident, happy, whole individuals and innovative thinkers.”

9) Jessica Clayton uses magical super glue and it works magic!

10) Kayla Brotherton says “children deserve our affection, kindness, support, trust and FUN!”

11) Diana Harris says “the steps don’t matter, teach them to love movement.”

12) Becca Beck teaches a rocket ship dance that is a real blast!

13) Codey Gritten was the only male teacher interviewed in the project.

14) Danielle Pierce says “utilizing every configuration of your room possible is a great way to  keep class moving.”

15) Andrea Mossman says “teach what you love, love what you teach and don’t forget to have fun!”

16) Jenn Eisenberg says “exude joy and love children!”

17) Kelly Williams  says “teaching is the most rewarding profession.”

18) Leah Fox says “keep it simple!”

19) Kristi Newsome shares her color poem with us!

20) Candace Carriger says plan, plan, plan, and then throw it out the window!

21) Jada Box congratulates you on touching lives and filling yours up with joy!

22) Ashley Hensel-Browning  strongly believes in “the power of movement to help us all be happier, more aware, engaged, and connected people.”

23) Jacqui Davidson points out that “just when I think I have them all figured out they do something new and surprise me.”

24) Chasta Hamilton Calhoun shares her “cast a spell” dance with us.

25) Lydia Hance says “Do. Dance. and Encourage.”

26) Chelsea Koenig says “never underestimate the power of intrigue and surprise!”

27) Lindsey Grites Weeks teaches creative movement to her older students and gives us her perspective on why it’s important.

28) Deanna Peters teaches both music and movement and shares a wonderful lesson.

29) Ella Rosewood shares a constellation dance with us.

30) Sydnie Mosley points out how easy it is to fall back on old favorites. She says it’s important to keep adding tools to the toolbox.

31) Samantha Parsons recognizes “how much they look forward to it, even when I get the impression that they are not having a good time!”

32) Cait Fraser shares with us her success with the elevator dance.

33) Rebekah Chappell reminds us to start phrases with “I love…” when speaking to children.

34) Vanessa Kromer says “SMILE no matter how tired or frustrated you are!”

35) Marlane Quade Cook says “I don’t think structure needs to restrict us, but rather gives us a framework in which to flourish and channel our creative energies.”

36) Alex Wright holds “dancer meetings” in class.

37) Grandma Vicky Clark says “I want them to know; if they create it, it is valid.”

38) Karen Hogan says “I also love how mutually enriching it is for both students and teachers to create with kids.  I honestly don’t know who benefits more from this work.”

39) Kate Barber says “I hold the space for children to be seen, heard and valued – allowing them to be who they are (crazy or quiet) on any given day at that point of time. There is no hustling for my attention or love in any of my classes, we celebrate and value children, period.”

40) Lindsay Swoboda says “Keep your mind open, and know that it will be a learning process for you just as much as it is for them.”

41) Lori Incardona uses silly noises to get her students to focus on her.

42) Edna Reinhardt says “I feel privileged to be let into children’s creativity.”

43) Maia Wirth says “Together we are making this world a better place – one happy and confident dancer, singer, and yogi at a time!”

44) Amanda Riggs “When I teach, I’m not just preparing my students for a studio experience when they get older but also sharing with them the gift of dance that is a representation of overall life.”

45) Becca Weber says “dance more, talk less.”

46) Nadine Armiger loves word play!

47) Susan Siegel says “The time and commitment needed to prepare for class with little ones is never ending. You constantly are looking for better ways to manage and keep the students attention and to best reach them.”

48) Stephanie Greeves says “You have to give them the opportunity to try it before you decide it is too hard!”

49) Flavia Cardas says “children with rigid and authoritative educators are less creative and more fearfull in dancing than children with warm and calm educators.”

50) Jill Blackburn reminds us about the “special helper” trick.

51) Susan Pope says to “always work to spark creativity!”

52) Leslea Clark “we need to show both young and old that dance is a beautiful art form and a way to express yourself.”

There they are! I still have interviews in my inbox that I want to post, so the project will continue and I’m so happy about it! 🙂

If you would like to be featured, e-mail me at maria (dot) f (dot) hanley @ gmail (dot) com. I would love to have you be a part of the project! xo



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