Partner A and Partner 1


This past week with my 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s I did a lesson on body parts + connected shapes! My littles were fascinated by it and so very creative! It’s a really great focusing exercise and also promotes teamwork and problem solving!

I partnered up the students and called out body parts to connect. “Connect your backs.” “Connect your heels.” “Connect your hands.” I tried to encourage them to make shapes that were interesting to look at. I modeled connecting my elbows in a boring, sleepy shape, and then modeled an interesting shape. I told them if it was interesting I would take a picture of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

After we exhausted every body part I made it more challenging. With their partner I told them they had to decide who would be Partner A and who would be Partner 1. Ok, watching 4 year olds negotiate and work this out was priceless. These are life skills, friends!!

I heard one partner say “Reese, which one would you like to be?” We talked about being flexible and a good listener to their partner. I did have one conflict where they couldn’t work it out. I tried to help, but still no budge, so I just continued on and that made them decide quickly.

I chose Partner A and Partner 1 so there was no first and second. A and 1 are equally first. It worked out so well.

Next I called out body parts like this “Partner A connect your back to partner 1’s legs.” Then I alternated. ‘Partner 1 connect your elbow to partner A’s knee.” I loved it and they loved it!

Next time you do a partner dance, try using partner A and Partner 1. I think if I would have done A + B or 1+2 there would have been many more conflicts. Don’t you think?

Have you ever asked your students to negotiate and make decisions together? I think this is what dance for littles is all about! Have you ever given partners two different “names?” Have you done connected shapes with body parts? I would love to hear! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Going to have to try this for sure!! I have some classes that would love it. And I love the A/1 idea…. Nice change of pace!

  2. Gorgeous idea. I often have two or three groups and give each group the name of a fruit. Mangos, raspberries and peaches. When they all dance together I call it fruit salad. Very rarely someone would prefer to be a raspberry rather than a mango but usually they are pretty accepting. I like the A and 1 idea though as well.

    1. Author

      Thanks Edna, I feel like it just eliminates most of the competition of who likes what, and who’s first in partner work. It worked out really well for me! The fruit idea sounds great for group work. I will try it!

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