Is There An App For That?


Do you organize your photos and videos of your littles with your lesson plans? I have been documenting my students creating their dances a lot more lately (besides the documenting on this blog;) and I have been looking for a way to organize them. Preferably online so I can get them off my computer. They take up a lot of space!

I read in Dance Teacher that Planbook was a good resource, but it has you set up a whole schedule, which I don’t really need or want.

Do you know of any apps or programs that fit this need? How do you document your students work and keep it organized? I would love to hear!


  1. Hi Maria! I use a 1 TB external hard drive to store my files by age and lesson/dance. It is a one time expense so you don’t have to worry about continuing to pay to buy more space on dropbox or google docs.

    1. Author

      ahhh yes. I thought about getting an external hard drive, but I wanted to see what else was out there too! thanks!

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