What Is One Goal You Have Set For This Year?

Ale+FarrahHave you started classes yet? I’m about a week and a half away, so I have been planning and setting goals. It’s not easy is it? First, I can’t believe summer is over. It flew right by! Yours too?

Second, Fall is my favorite! New ideas, new classes, new students, a new canvas just ready to be painted on.

Here are some of my goals for the year that I wanted to share:

1) Create and Choreograph a prop dance (for performance)

2) Create New Hello Dances (there are never too many ways to say hello)

3) Organize my itunes. Oh boy, this is a job. I have so many treasures in there that I don’t even know what I have. Is yours organized? I would love to hear how you did it!

4) Record more video of the dances I create with my littles. I write everything down, but I would love to have the video to go along with the lesson. What do you think?

5) Read more, and not about dance, just for me. The “take – time- for- yourself” goal always gets me! I have to remember it, and you too! Ok?

So, what are your goals for this year? Will you share one with us? It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable too! Plus, I would love to hear! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. My list includes going through my music as well. I am listening to all songs on shuffle and then adding potential ones to an on the go list. Some old time rock and roll has potential!

    I am also planning on new choreography. I love using props like homemade umbrellas for “Singin’ in the Rain”. May rework “Bad to the Bone” – the kids all act tough until stuffed animals appear in a wagon and they melt! Toughies to softies….fun to explore!

    1. Author

      Zan, I love your prop idea… hmmmm…:)

      Oh, and the music stuff.. as soon as I sit down to organize it, I get overwhelmed and do something else. Thanks for the tip to put it on shuffle!

  2. My goals are:
    1. To encourage and listen to my student’s ideas and feedback throughout class
    2. To teach and foster the idea that dance is “magical movement.” I want the students to see how they could sit, stand, and walk in a way that is different than every day and in a way that feels like dance. I want to find a way to teach that dance is dance because of a feeling and intention.
    3. Find new concepts / ideas for the lesson of the day portion of my class

  3. I cannot even begin the idea of organizing itunes….BUT I don’t know if you use Playlist Folders….You Can organize all of the great playlists from years ago that you don’t use anymore into a folder so that you don’t have to delete them but can get them out of your way!

  4. Like many others, I’m also in a planning frenzy. My goal this year is to shine a light on the insides of our bodies; all the emotional and social benefits of movement and how we can learn and grow using dance. I’m making an “inside growth chart” that we will use for each different classroom, and on it we will make movement-based art projects, post photos of our class that day, and share thoughts and feelings from class. It’s a seed of an idea, so not sure how it will look or even what it will end up being right now! This is for my 4 YO’s.

    1. Author

      Karen, this sounds amazing! Once you have the idea materialized would you like to share it with us in a post? I think many readers would be interested in this idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

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