Little Voters

After last week I knew the kids would need a little something to pick them up + I knew they would have a lot to say. Since today is election day, I thought it would be fun to do a class vote. Here’s what I did:

As you see in the picture above, I put 2 lines on the floor. Each a different color. In the middle space between the lines I gently named “middle zone.” I would call out words and students had to make the decision whether to stand on the red or the yellow line, casting their vote. Here are some examples!

cupcakes vs. ice cream

summer vs. winter

strawberries vs. apple

red vs. yellow

swimming vs. gymnastics

Then I started to ask them for some ideas. Their ideas were better than mine!

cat vs. dog

fall vs. spring

bananas vs. grapes

breakfast vs. dinner

Some of them couldn’t decide and I just said make the decision on what you feel like today, not what you think you might like in the future. That seemed to help them decide.

And then since my students are so much smarter than I am, one little one raised her hand and said “I have an idea, how about President Obama vs. Governor Romney.” She was so proud that she knew that and said it out loud. I laughed so hard and then said we would save that vote for today!

Have you ever done a voting game with your littles? Would you try it today? It was really fun and what I really loved about it was that I got to learn a bit more about my students.

Happy Election Day! xo

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