This Week… Dancing With Sandy

Hi Friends. How is everyone doing? I’m not gonna lie this week was rough. We had a hurricane in New York City. Don’t worry everyone is OK, the city is just a little shaken up. I thought I would write a post about the week 1. so I could capture this moment in time and 2. because I think it’s important to talk (or write) about when things don’t go exactly as planned. Read on to see what happened and how you can use this experience in your classrooms with your littles. 

On Tuesday, the morning after, I ventured out and the city was pretty beat up. Newspaper stands blown over, street signs hanging by a thread, trees uprooted. Everything was shut down and the streets were deserted. That never happens in NYC, never! They shut down all the public transportation so there was no way to get anywhere, either.

On Wednesday, I took a cab to work (in gridlock traffic) and I threw a dance party for the community that I teach for. A free two hour dance party! It was a blast. If a disaster ever strikes your community, throw a dance party. It makes everyone happy and very grateful.

On Thursday, the subways were running from my apartment to work, so I taught my regular classes.

On Friday, I teach in Brooklyn and the subways weren’t going there because the tunnels were still flooded. Since I couldn’t teach, I decided to volunteer. I helped clean up 27 city blocks of garbage, leaves, and trees from the storm. I also donated a few cases of water and helped sort out donations from the community to go to shelters where people are staying who lost everything. Can you imagine?

These are donations that came from the community in just a short 3 hours. Doesn’t that make you feel so good?

One thing this week did do was bring me closer to friends and the families I teach. I am so grateful for that.

My amazing friend Jenn reached out and said her and her boyfriend Tau were writing a lesson plan about the hurricane because so many of her students were displaced and are experiencing feelings of loss. She also wanted to give back and I think this is the most wonderful way. They have allowed me to share the lesson plan with you all. It even includes a book, which you all know I love. It’s for ages 5-10 and I think even if your students haven’t been affected by the hurricane they could still gain something from this dance.

Find the lesson plan here!

How was your week friends? Were things normal? Were you affected by Sandy? I would love to hear!



  1. Maria and Jenn, Thank you so much for this generous share! I’m working on my lesson plans for the week and am finding this so helpful. I was going to try to resume classes and avoid the subject entirely but after reading this post, I’m realizing that it’s important to address it on some level. It also made me realize that I haven’t really taken the time to process all this week’s events for myself!

  2. I live in Ohio, but I grew up in Northern NJ, so I have been praying and thinking about my NJ’s friends..and it’s made me homesick for the Jersey shore. Thank you for sharing and for helping in NY.

    I am thinking about hosting a Christmas dance party to go along with a “Home for the Holidays” event they have in my community. Can you share more of what you did at yours?

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