Leaves Song

photo by my friend Kiasa

If you couldn’t already tell, I love leaves! My lesson for today was to use a poem or little ditty about leaves. I couldn’t find a song or a poem to use that I really loved, so I wrote my own! 

(To the tune of Frere Jacques) — I think I sing almost everything to that tune! You too? 😉

Leaves, Leaves
Tumble from trees
Falling down
Falling down

Whooosh goes the wind
Up, around, spin
Falling down
Falling down

I am posting it before I use it in a few hours. I can’t wait! Let’s try it together!

Do you use any poems or songs about leaves? I would love to hear!


    1. Author

      Jennifer, is it a song you sing, or something you found on itunes? I would love to hear the song! 🙂

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