YODAGAMO Cards: Yoga, Dance, Games And More!

Loyal reader Zan Langstaff created the most amazing little cards for teachers! Want a peek? You won’t believe your eyes!

My lovlies, YODAGAMO cards are genius. GENIUS I tell you! It’s one of those times where you think to yourself, why didn’t I think of that? 😉 The cards incorporate a slew of creative ideas to use with your students. Feeling stuck? These are your new go-to!  The cards incorporate yoga, dance, games and more! Get it? YO-DA-GA-MO!

Zan says:

The focus of yoga, the creative expression of dance and the sheer enjoyment of games are the basis for these innovative cards. Over 40 activities for focused and playful motion! Perfect for ages 3-10.

The cards are designed well and colorful. They are just the right size for littles to hold, plus teachers to hold up and show. Each card has a picture and a main idea and then each circle explains a creative way to use the idea in each of the categories. My favorite part is where it gives the yoga word and then in the next circle it says “in other words” and gives examples of what it is so that kids and even adults who aren’t “yogis” can make sense of it.

I can see these being used at camps, with babysitters, in preschools and especially with dance teachers. Use the cards in your classes to spark even more imagination. All in an effort to get little ones moving! Yesss! Thanks so much Zan for sharing them with us! We feel super special!

Have you heard of these yet? Find out more about Zan and YODAGAMO here!




  1. Hello Ms. Hanley-

    My name is Tricia Londres and I have been teaching Yoga to children for the last 3 years and is hoping to expand my work to include creative dance movement. I saw the Yodagamo cards in Maria Hanley’s website and I absolutely love this concept of showing children how to creatively express themselves by combining yoga, dance and games:) I tried to email the website directly but is showing me an error message in return. If you have any information regarding whether the cards are available to order as well as if I am able to download the music through itunes on my ipdad, I would greatly appreciate it and can be reached at the above email. Also, I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have as to how to structure a class of children 3-5 years. As I stated before, my teaching background is primarily yoga, I would love to be able to merge both in addition to any other fun activities that will keep the kids engage for a 45 minute class. If possible, may I contact your office to speak to you directly? Kindly thanking you for your time in advance.

    Tricia Londres

    1. Author

      Hi Tricia,

      Thank you for your comment! If you have specific questions about structuring a class, you can ask them here or contact me through the form above. Exciting you are expanding into creative dance. 🙂

  2. I love this idea, and the cards are so pretty too (always a bonus!) I’m starting a new teaching job soon, and I think that I may invest in these sometime soon!!!

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