Why DOES Dance Matter?

You’re invited to the Why Dance Matters party! Get out your sparkly toe nail polish and join in! I wanted to share with you my contribution on facebook to why dance matters to me. I feel like it’s really hard to write down and put into words. I feel like I can’t sum it up in just a few words (I would rather put it into a dance;) I feel like I could write a book about why dance matters. You too?

Here’s my quote:

Dance matters because so many children are counting on me to be their role model, to teach them dance steps, to play the music for free dance, for tight hugs, for goodbye dances, for smiles, for creativity, for a safe and comfortable space, for a listening ear, for boundaries, for sparkles and stickers, for direction, and for an adventure every week. Dance matters because I am responsible for the dance education of my littles, for the memories we create together, and for the friends they make.


Have anything to add? I would love to hear why dance matters to you. Join in here, or comment here and I will share your thoughts with the world! ­čÖé

p.s. Why I teach, Why I advocate 


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