Puffer Fish Dance

The best days of teaching are when I go with a lesson plan and then my 4 year olds totally spin me on my head and come up with other ideas even cooler and more fun than I had planned. Do those days ever happen to you? 

What might be even more awesome than that is dancing about under the sea animals! I use so many animals in class that using sea animals switches it up a little. One of my littles said “let’s go to the beach” I said “yeah! let’s do that!” As we were dancing about the animals they saw one dancer says I see a puffer fish! haha! These are my most favorite to do.

Get small… count to 3… puff!

I ask “what makes them puff up?” “why do they do that?” One little says, “when shark goes by they puff up for disguise” (yes, they used that word)

Aha! I got an idea.

I split the class into 2 groups. One group are the sharks and one group are the puffer fish. I tell “small” puffer fish to swim around the room. Then I send the sharks into the tank. I tell the fish that when a shark swims near them they have to puff up and freeze. Then they have to swim all puffed up until everyone is puffed. The sharks swim away and then they all deflate back to original size. I mean, it’s hilarious! Especially when they puff their cheeks up too. Of course we switch groups so everyone gets the chance to be a shark and a puffer fish.

It’s so silly, and so fun but we got all the elements in. All inspired by a 4 year old. We should consult them more often!

Have you ever done a dance about just one animal and really developed it? Sometimes I think it would be such a fun challenge to do it with all of our favorite animals! Can you imagine? We would have animal dances for years to come. I would love to hear if you try this dance and how many times you laugh. out. loud. 🙂



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