Tricks Of The Trade

Hi Friends! Can you believe it’s February? This week marks the first week of the new semester. I always have mixed feelings. I know that after a few weeks things will settle in and it will be just fine, but it always seems to a bit of craziness on the first days. The part that confuses me is that I have returning students and new students all in the same class. Of course I just pick up and keep going through the curriculum but the dancers who just joined have a lot of catching up to do.

What are your tricks of the trade for the first week of the new semester? How do you catch the new students up? How do you build a quick connection with new students? For my young students, 1 and 2, I just plow right through as the repetition for them is what works for them. As always, the kids were smiling and it probably wasn’t as bad as I saw it in my head because I am that hard on myself.

Please tell me you feel the same way on the first week of a new semester? I’m so invested in my teaching that I loose sleep over things that don’t go just right. I’m doing better of letting go of things, but I would love to hear your feelings and stories on this. xoxo

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