My Magic String

I love doing partner dances with my littles. It’s such a great lesson to teach them about teamwork and plus it’s always more fun when you have someone to dance with. Right?  That’s where the magic string comes in…

My Magic String is a string that connects two partners together. I make up a whole story about the string. ” I forgot the magic string at home today, but I went back home to get it! ” “Let me find it in my pocket” “See, look how stretchy and bendy it is!” The dancers love to pretend there really is a string, but then they tell me how silly I am. Haha!

This image makes it easy for them to remember which body parts are connected. We use the magic string for partner chasses. I connect their belly buttons together and you better believe they stay facing each other! We attach our elbows, our knees, and our hands all with the magic string.

I think the magic string would be fun to try from a distance too. Take a partner team and put one dancer on one side and the other dancer on the other side. Then see if the magic string can allow them to stay together. It reminds me of the mirroring game but the magic string adds a little more flexibility and room for you as the teacher to connect bodies. 🙂

Do you use magic images with your students? A simple idea that acts as your assistant can be so helpful! I would love to hear your ideas!


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