Turkey Songs My Students Taught Me

I love, love when my students teach me new things. It’s pretty much an every day occurrence! Yesterday, I brought my own turkey song to create a dance to, but of course they brought their own too! I would like to share a few for you tuck away in your toolbox for next year! Here they are… 

You can sing or say this, I can’t figure out what the tune is to:

The turkey is a funny bird
Its head goes bobble bobble (bobble? that’s a silly movement!)
And all he knows is just one word
And that is


To the tune of I’m a little teapot:

I’m a little turkey, fluffy and round
My wings flip flop when I turn around
I’ve got lots of feathers on my back
And a big orange beak that goes click clack

I let them create the ideas to the songs, then we tried a bunch of the ideas. I asked everyone to show the class their turkey walk. They told me my turkey walk looks like a ostrich? LOL! Oh well, I guess I need to practice my turkey walk! What does your turkey walk look like?

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and most of all I want to THANK YOU for being so amazing and such loyal readers! Happy Thanksgiving!

Did your students teach you any thanksgiving songs? I would love to hear!

P.s. Thanksgiving games!


  1. Hi, Maria. So fun! My preschooler taught me a song she learned at school. Thank goodness she brought a paper home with the words on it, so I can tell you the right ones. There are actions to go along with the song, but you can probably make your own up, too. And sorry but I don’t know how to tell you the rhythm. You could probably make that up as well!

    See all the turkeys up in a tree.
    All the little turkeys like to hide from me.
    Please stand still, don’t make a sound.
    You’ll see all the turkeys as they strut around.

    All the little turkeys go wobble, wobble.
    All the little turkeys go just like this…
    All the little turkeys go gobble, gobble.
    All the little turkeys go just like this…

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

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