Swing Like a Monkey! Wiggle Like An Octopus!

Read It. Move It. Share It. is a collaboration with Kerry from Picture Books and Pirouettes. Once a month Kerry recommends a book for me to use in my creative movement classes. Then I write a post on what I did with the book and how I used it with the kids in hopes of giving you some ideas to use in your classes! Here are the August books. Enjoy!

One of my favorite things to do in class is animals. I know I write this almost every week, but it’s true. So when Kerry recommended 2 animal books, I couldn’t wait to use them!

These books have all the movement words I would use on a regular day of class, so it was easy to incorporate. I used the books with my 2-3 year old classes and they loved them! I don’t normally use books with that age because there attention span is so short. I really just used it as a visual for what we already do. It worked great!

There were also some really interesting animals in the books that we don’t normally do. Like an antelope, a seagull, eel, and a camel. They were really fun to explore when I let them tell me how the animals would move. With this age, many animals move the same, but once I gave them some ideas they got the hang of it. The seagull was the most fun!

I recommend both books but maybe at separate times. I used them both in the same class only because more kids can see something that way. A little trick I have for the 2-3 age group. 🙂

Have you used these books in your classes? Do you have any favorite animal books you like to use with your littles? I would love to hear!

Swing on over to here to read more about these books!


  1. Hi, Maria. Thanks for another great post in our collaboration. I’m glad it worked well for the little ones. Would have loved to see them do the seagull. Stay safe this weekend!

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