Healthyland vs Junkland: Teaching Free Flow and Bound Flow

Munch n’ Move #7 by guest Joanie Johnson from Motivated Nutrition. Great Ideas coming from Joanie that I am so excited about! I hope you enjoy reading them and that they are useful to you in your classes. Enjoy!

We all know the importance of teaching our students how to flow freely in their movement. I like to play a game called Healthyland/Junkyland to bring awareness to the effect that healthy foods have on our bodies and to feel the difference between free vs bound flow.

Split dancers into two groups and create a boundary to show two halves of the room: “Healthyland” and “Junkyland”. Children in “Healthyland”, the free flow side of the room, have eaten an imaginary, nutritious meal of healthy food which has given them lots of unbounded, free flowing energy. The bound flow side, “Junkyland”, has eaten an imaginary meal of cookies, cakes, candies, and soda. They are only allowed to move with bound, starting, stopping, and frequently changing movements. Give both groups a chance to explore movement in each land.

Afterwards, have a discussion about how different the movements felt in their bodies. The healthy food gave our bodies an even ,continuous supply of energy that felt very freeing. After eating the junk food, they had bound, controlling energy that perhaps felt a little tight or trapped. This is kind of the effect junk food has on our bodies. All of the sugar can make our energy feel kind of built up and trapped, like it’s stuck in our bodies and is making us crazy to get out! Ask them, why would healthy food give us free, unbounded energy? Both types of energy are important when creating dances but in order to be really good at doing both types of movement, we have to feed our bodies healthy foods so we can have the energy that allows us to do both!

What are some healthy foods that you like to eat for lots of energy?

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