Oversized Scarves

Have you ever used oversized scarves with your creative dance classes? I got them at the beginning of the year but never used them until recently. I brought them in last week and they were quite the hit with 5’s and 6’s. Here are some dances we did with them:

I partnered up the students and had them hold the scarves on the corner using their inside arm. Then they ran across the floor with it flying behind them. It was almost like the wind pushing them forward or a cape like a superhero. I gave each group a chance to do this a few times, mainly because they kept asking to do it!

Then we turned the scarves into different things, but they had to work together. We became sushi. Yes, you read that right, I said sushi! They put the scarves flat on the floor and then laid down at the edges. Then as they rolled towards the middle they took the scarf with them. They thought it was so hilarious!

We turned them into beach towels. A parachute. A magic carpet. A flag. A kite. We were on a roll, but I wanted to make sure we had enough time to get to the next part.

Last, I let them explore moving with their partner. The only rule was that they both had to be  holding on to the scarf. It was really interesting to watch. They not only had to dance, but they had to think about which way their partner was moving. It was almost like dancing connected, but with a nice big scarf between them. Hint: it’s a great exercise to work on problem solving skills.

Have you ever used oversized scarves in your classes? How have you incorporated them? What did you turn them into? I would love to hear!


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