Toe-Ga. Like Yoga for your toes. Get it? haha!

I was introduced to this game at the Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training last summer. I was hesitant to try it at the preschool because the teachers don’t like the kids to take off their socks. It was hard enough to get them to take off their shoes.

But, last week I was desperate. One of my 4’s and 5’s classes will NOT stop talking. They just talk through the whole class. I needed something that they could really really focus on and wouldn’t even have time to talk or think about anything but the task at hand (or foot 😉 ).

I tried it this week, and you wouldn’t believe it. It worked! Here’s how you play:

All you need are mini buckets and pom poms. You dump all the pom poms on the floor and put the empty buckets in different corners of the room. Depending on how many kids in your class, you can divide the class into 2 groups. Tell them they have to get all the pom poms into the buckets, but they can only use their toes!

This game is awesome. We played it twice through. I could tell it focused them right in. They were concentrating so hard. The more pom poms you have the longer it takes. But, be sure not to overwhelm them. Also great for balance and coordination. The second time around I made it more challenging by asking them to pick up more than one pom pom at a time. So fun!

Anyone planning camp? You could use this for sure! Another idea is to match the color pom poms to the bucket. Fill the blue bucket with blue pom poms, etc. You can also use other things besides pom poms if you wanted to give them more of a challenge.

What games do you use to focus? I would love to hear!

p.s. here is another game for focus.


    1. Author

      It’s really fun and a good game if you are not feeling so much into teaching something new. It takes time, is good for the kids, and for the most part they are really focused, which means it’s quiet. I always do have the few that try to use their hands instead of toes. I tell them that there are not that many rules in the game, but the no hands rule is one you must follow! Have fun trying it out!

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  2. Looks like it is a fun way to do yoga for kids.
    I might try this after I come back from my yoga teacher training in India. ni woul love to see me kids do yoga with me , but they are too young for now.

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