A Dot Just For Dancing

My dear readers, I have found the most perfect invention for you, your students, and your studio! It’s called the Dance Dot and it’s so fab. Wait, let me tell you about it and then I will tell you about the fabulous people behind it all.

The Dance Dot is a round dot for tap dancing. On one side is wood and on the other is a yoga mat. Genius! Right? They come in three sizes, so even your combo classes can use them. And, the best part? They are light, with a handle so they can be transported to wherever you or your students dance. Don’t have a tap floor at that performance space? Problem solved! Now you can perform there, just carry your Dance Dot!

Jackie Covas had just that idea in mind when her vision for the Dance Dot came to life. She said her students didn’t have anywhere to practice and she needed to come up with something light enough to carry on the subway and would easily fit in tiny apartments. I don’t know about you but when I tell my tap students to practice they always say “my mom won’t let me because it scratches the floor.” How many times have you heard that? This is Jackie’s creative way of getting her students to practice.

A few weeks ago I met Jackie and Codey (her fiance) for coffee and I was just so excited. We all know how much I love innovators and the two of them are just that. Jackie, is a tap dancer and actress in NYC and Codey, once a performer, he is now a baseball coach to littles on the Upper West Side. He builds all the dots BY HAND. Amazing, I know! We chatted about the dance dot and also wedding planning! 😉

To give you an idea of how light the dots are, when I met with them, Jackie was carrying it in a bag on her shoulder. I’m pretty sure it’s lighter then the bag I carry around everyday! I just think these are so neat and practical. Don’t you? Tap right on over to their site to learn more about this fantastic team!

Could you use something like this at your studio? Would your students like to have something like this to practice on? Jackie, Codey, and I would love to hear!


  1. What an awesome product. I will definately pass this information on to dance friends/students/teachers. How inventive and so sorely needed. I remember tap dancing on my closet door when it fell off the hinges (until my mom put it back on the closet.)

    1. Author

      haha! your closet door? that’s hilarious!! Thank you for passing it on, I think it’s such a great idea and I know Jackie and Codey would appreciate it! Thanks for your comment Stacey.

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