Dance Camp Idea: Kids On Stage

I played the most interesting game tonight. I just had to share! It’s called Kids On Stage and it’s a board game. It’s like charades, but while I was playing it seemed like I was teaching a creative dance class. For real! Here’s how you play:

There are three different color cards. The blue stack are animals, the green stack are things, and the red stack are actions (if I remembered that right). You spin the wheel, move the number of spots, land on the color, and then pick out of the pile. That person keeps what the card says and shows a secret. There are pictures and words on the card, so it’s perfect for the young population too. You then have to guess what the person is doing. No sounds or clues aloud. 🙂

I played it with a 4 year old and the first thing she said was “you are going to be good at this because you are a movement teacher!”  My favorite part was after she guessed what I was she would say “I would do my swing like this.” Great, right? We also practiced yoga poses while playing the game. I even learned some new ones!

What a great way to incorporate movement into a board game or a board game into movement. I’m thinking it could go either way with this one. I thought if you were looking for a little something fun to add to your summer camp or put in the lobby at your studio. This could be it!

Have you ever played Kids On Stage? Have you ever incorporated board games into your classes or camps? Are there any other board games that could be used for creative movement or yoga? What are your favorites? I would love to hear!


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