Frosty the Snowman’s Magic Hat!

Yesterday in my 4-5-6 year old creative movement classes we did a frosty the snowman magic hat dance! Let me tell you how I got the idea. It’s rare that I sit down to watch TV but on Saturday night, I turned on the TV and what was on? FROSTY! It was my very favorite when I was young and  it just brings back so many memories!

While I was watching I realized that the magical hat makes him dance! What a great lesson for the littles. So, I went to the craft store Micheals immediately and found a foam black hat that look exactly like Frosty’s hat (minus the holly)

Here’s what I did: We did some snow dancing, icicle and snowflake dancing, made footprints in the snow, and made snow angels. We then rolled some snowballs and got stuck in the snow. I told them to make a frosty snowPERSON shape and freeze! We remembered that his arms are made of sticks, so our arms must be bent. Next, I introduced the hat! When I had the hat on I danced around, when I took it off I froze! I sprinkled the hat with some magic dust, inside and out. You should have seen their eyes. They kept getting bigger and bigger!

Once they were frozen I picked someone to wear the hat. Once they got the hat it made them dance all around the other frosty’s. This is a good lesson for general space, and teaching the word solo! I measured the length of each dance by the chorus of the frosty song! They loved it and couldn’t figure  out if it was really a magic hat. They kept asking me, “is it really magic Miss Maria” hehe.

It might be helpful to have two hats. I had just a few students who didn’t want to do it because they didn’t want to dance by themselves. I bought two hats but left one at home. Next time I will take both. Make sure everyone gets a turn that wants one.

I ended the lesson with the sun coming out and we all melted to the floor. We then danced to “thumpety, thump, thump look at frosty go”, part of the song. Over the hills and out the door!

Have you ever done a frosty lesson?  I thought it was a big hit!

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      It was they loved it! And since I have the live pianist. They could really hear and feel the contrast! 🙂

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