Bell Game

I have started a challenging game with the preschool yogis and I wanted to share it with you. I think this game would be appropriate for a movement class too. It promotes focus and is a fun way to calm a class down if they are to excited! Here’s how you play the bell game:

Have everyone sit in a circle close together with their legs straight out,- looks like a pizza shape! Show them the bell and talk about what focus means. To concentrate, to think really hard, to watch something closely are things we talked about. We first pass around the bell and make as much noise as we can with it. They love to see who can shake it the loudest or hardest. THEN we pass it around trying to keep the bells still. I say “we don’t want the bells to make any noise at all. Do you think we can focus really hard and try it?”

It’s really neat to see them try. I also think this game is developing their fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. They love this game and ask for it! Now, that’s a good game!

What about you? Do you ever play any games for focus in your dance room? I would love to hear!


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