Falling Leaves

Yesterday while I was teaching creative dance I had an idea! Many of my creative ideas come from on the spot. You too?

After we did our scarf dancing I asked them to drop their scarf in a pile in the middle of the room and then asked them to sit on the wall far away from the pile. I asked them what season it was and what happens to the trees in the fall.

As city kids I’m not sure how much they get to play in the leaves. I loved it I was little! When they heard their name they got to run (yes run) to the pile and throw them up in the air like leaves falling from the trees! I asked them to do a little leave dance and then it was the next persons turn. We talked about all the different colors and what leaves sound like when you step or roll on them!

It was so much fun, and they loved it! I love incorporating fall into my creative dance lessons! What about you? What is your favorite fall lesson? Is it about leaves? pumpkins? apples? I would love to hear!


  1. Well….you KNOW Where I grew up. My favorite part of fall is the pumpkins. 🙂 Probably followed closely by fresh warm apple cider!! <3

  2. I have my students pretend they are the last leaf on the tree. the wind gently blows us down to the ground. Then the wind blows us all around where we roll. Wind stops, we stope. Wind faster, we roll faster. a gust, we roll upwards like a sit up and then roll backwards to feet over head or if the can, a backward roll. At the end of the music we roll into a pile like we were raked up. Surely, this is a favorite for the students!

  3. Fall is definately by favorite “dance” season. The season is its own action word! I love to experiment with all the different ways we can fall! I love to create autumn dance stories as well. Great ideas!

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