Fireworks! Fire Trucks!

This week I seemed to have posted a lot of ideas I use in my classes with the wee ones. I thought I would finish out the week sharing a few more ideas with you! Why not? This week I tried 2 new dances and they were a big hit— (I put in two because they both begin with F! Oh, and I have another idea for tomorrow. That’s the real reason!)



I hand out different colored wrist ribbons (not the wand ones, in fear of loosing someone’s eye!) and ask them about fireworks. Do they all look the same? Do they go up slow and come down fast or the other way around? So we practice “exploding” on the count of 3 and then fizzling out as we move back down to the ground as slow as we can! It’s so fun! We try it one at a time, and then we try it all together, like the finale! Now all we need is a holiday and we are all set!



Fire Trucks!

Drive, climb the ladder, get your hose, drive back home! I have this one little boy at the preschool who is OBSESSED with Firemen! I mean the kid wears a fireman uniform every day, every day! So I brought in this song about a fire truck and of course I add in the creative part at the beginning. He was tickled, and really they all just want to do it over, and over, and over again!

What about you? Have you done any new dances this week that were a big hit?


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