A pumpkin patch, an apple tree, and the Wizard of Oz…

What do all of these have in common? It’s Halloween of course! Even though Halloween is not my most favorite holiday, it is really fun to celebrate in movement and dance class!

3 Halloween Ideas just for movement class…

1) Travel to the pumpkin patch where we found really really big pumpkins, and really small pumpkins! Give them faces- happy, sad, surprised, scary! I use heavy and light pumpkins to teach them the difference between big and small.

2) Pick apples and put them in baskets… (they love to pick imaginary fruit!) What color are the apples? Red or Green or Yellow? The girls say pink! (I just go with it) Let’s fill up one basket together! TEAMWORK!

3) The Wizard of Oz- travel down the yellow brick road and find out what’s down the road. My kids saw different things like trees, and animals. I asked them what different locomotor movements we should do down the yellow brick road. (skip, hop, crawl, tip-toe)

In my 4 year old classes we became the characters in the story like the tin man, and the lion, and the scarecrow. They loved it!

What do you do to celebrate halloween in your movement classes? I would love to hear!



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