Setting the Stage for the Bug Brigade

These are the pictures from the Ballet Among the Blooms Event at the New York Botanical Gardens.  Free for kids ages 2-12! Enjoy!

These are the Stumps- I had the kids sit on them, and stretch on them! We also used them as a maze!

The Bug Brigade: I had the kids give me all the bugs they could think of.  We then moved like all the bugs.  Ladybug was a popular one, other popular ones were butterflies, cockroach, ants, bees (buzzzz), and water bugs (ewww).  
This was the caterpillar that was on the side of the stump area.  I gave them all Toole (toole is what tutus are made out of) to hold and they became butterflies as they go under the caterpillar and come out the other side.  They took a curtsey or bow and of course everyone clapped!
I worked with a musician, he had a saxophone! If you are looking for someone, I will connect you, he was awesome!
I hope to get pictures of me teaching and the kids being the bugs… stay tuned for those! 
In the meantime movecreateeducate…

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