Blue Butterflies

So… after last week with my 4 year olds crying, spitting, throwing spots and my 5 year olds just walking around the room and sitting for 45 minutes, I came up with a plan.  I used those management skills in my teacher tool box to come up with something I could manage.  Since both classes are really big and the space is small I broke the class into 2 groups (splitting up friends of course) 10 students are blue butterflies, and 10 students are green butterflies. Everything we do, I refer to the butterflies.  It worked perfectly, everyone got equal time and space to dance, and most importantly everyone was safe.  

I had the most fun teaching it, and a mom came up to me after class and said “well all 20 of them just came out of your room with a huge smile on their face!” Made me feel good that they got something out of it, because that is my biggest goal.  I want them to learn something, ANYTHING,  just so they take something away each time.
Now keeping all the rosters straight and learning everyones name is the next challenge!
In the meantime movecreateeducate…

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