Let’s make it about dance

Angelina Ballerina is a mouse who loves Ballet! But she has a new look! I found this article on the New York Times website and I thought it was brilliant! Angelina Ballerina is on PBS kids on Saturday mornings, and she also has best-selling books to offer education about ballet.   Check out the article, they gave Angelina a makeover and is now geared toward the preschool age. The theme of the show now is “let’s make it about dance, not just about a ballerina.”


Let’s just say I wish they had this show when I was growing up… I would have loved it! Now that I am a dance educator, I can share it with my preschoolers and fellow dance educators!

The other show that intrigues me is The Backyardigans.  This children’s show airs on Nick Jr. and shares dance and music with preschoolers. (I think I have seen every show and movie) I am not sure there is another show like it! I found this article at Entertainment Weekly about the Backyardigans and how this unique idea plays out on the screen.  They use a choreographer and professional dancers to transform movement to the characters.   What a cool concept, I wish I would of thought of that!

Are there any other ideas you have about dance and children’s programs?  I think this is a breakthrough for dance in early childhood education!

In the meantime movecreateeducate…


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