So I have been thinking more and more about Yoga and the benefits of the body and mind. It has been the talk of the town lately and all I know about it is what I have taught myself. Some dancers I know LOVE it and some dancers I know HATE it. I’m wondering how this could be if it’s such a great addition to balancing your life?

As I said in earlier posts I am looking to integrate some yoga into my movement classes this year. I have found a weekend certification here in the city that sounds like it would be a good fit for me. I would like to take it but it requires that you have an understanding of Yoga and that you have your own practice. So, I guess I better get to class!

Here is the website-

Is there anyone who has a specific yoga that they like? I have some anxiety about trying it out. Any suggestions or tips on making it easier to begin my own practice?

In the meantime movecreateeducate…

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