Maria’s Movers has a space! Finally!

If you live in NYC you know how hard space is to find. It’s almost impossible. I was determined this school year to start my own creative ballet classes. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I managed to get some great mom’s behind me and now I am proud to announce 2 new Maria’s Movers spaces on the upper west side!

For my 3-4 year old class I found space at World Yoga Studio. It’s a beautiful space, and besides the plants there isn’t much I will have to keep the 3 year olds from exploring.

The second space is at a play room in one of the trump buildings. A few mom’s built a play group and asked me if I would be the ballet teacher. It was great for me because they did all the work in putting it together, now I just get to do what I love.

I learned a lot from the challenge of looking for a dance space. It just gives me a taste of the strength I will need when I begin to look for a space for my school. This is just the beginning… more to come!

In the meantime movecreateeducate…

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