Ideas for Summer Dance- Getting Famlies Involved

I ran across this idea when I was searching for free dance to enjoy this summer in the city! Just some creative ideas for dance educators to think about…

Family nights are a great idea for anyone who teaches in a school or has their own dance school.

Why you ask?
It’s a night of getting families moving and more importantly moving together. This idea lets families create their own dance from their surroundings. It also incorporates an element of chance which is really fun for kids and parents alike because anything could happen. This particular night is for children 6 and older, but I would love to create some ideas for younger children to enjoy family night.

A few ideas from me:
Fairy Tales– Each family can deconstruct a fairytale (or favorite book) and create movement to tell the story. Encourage the families to make an abstract dance instead of a play. This could be a two step workshop!

Tilted Tunes– Each family can select a piece of music and create movement to the way the music makes them move. It would be fun to make a part of the dance an improvisation.

Props– Each member of the family can have the same prop or different props. It is fun to invent the props into something that they are not. This really uses everyones imagination and can even catch a few laughs!

I hope to have a school one day and open family nights up at least once a month!
Throw any other ideas my way!

In the meantime… movecreateeducate

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