Websites to Explore

Here are a few websites that are important to dance educators…

National Dance Education Organization- Investing in the future of Dance Education
This organization just had there annual conference in New York City last week! It was so inspiring to attend and see what other educators are doing to grow the world of dance. I only attended for one day but I made so many great connections and caught up with a lot of great friends!

Freelancers Union- It’s free to join! They offer insurance and retirement plans for independent workers
They just passed the A8615 bill that provides much needed tax relief to New York City’s independent workers.

NYU Dance Education Program- Teaching Dance Educators
I attended this program and I am so glad I did. I made so many connections and will always be a part of the dance education family. I have used many great tools from the program in the two years I have been in the field. I encourage anyone who wants to make teaching dance their career and further their education to highly consider this program!

Hope these are helpful… I will write more soon

In the meantime… movecreateeducate

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