Creative Ballet

Join Miss Maria for a ballet class that will inspire both girls and boys to dance. In this unique ballet class, dancers are introduced to ballet positions and techniques that will build a strong foundation for years to come. Dancers emerge into confident soloists, develop locomotor skills, and learn songs for appropriate stretching of the body. Miss Maria’s approach is innovative and encouraging for young dancers with big imaginations. Each week this class travels on a new adventure and always offers a smile! Leotards, Tutus, and ballet slippers welcome!

Creative Movement

A fun and healthy environment for boys and girls to express their imaginations while learning about their bodies. They learn to move their bodies in different directions, levels, and shapes. Music and rhythm is infused to help children develop excellent listening skills. Join Miss Maria for laughing and learning and dancing too!


Tap is meant to promote rhythm, coordination, and and body awareness. In Miss Maria’s tap class dancers develop skills in counting steps and memorizing combinations through tap games and activities. Dancers are exposed to different genres of music and are also given the challenge to try improvising as they create their own steps to incorporate into a dance. An upbeat, snappy class that boys and girls are sure to love!