Celebration 2014


My celebration for 2014 is over! This is the 3rd one I have done at the JCC and it feels like each year gets easier to pull together. This year flew by! I put 199 students on stage under 6 years old! I was so proud of each of my littles and I’m so happy to call the program mine.

Do you remember my post performance depression last year? This year I get a few more weeks after the show with my littles and I think that is helping me not feel such a sudden loss.


This year I had a one day long rehearsal which worked out really well. This is one of my youngest students showing me where the stage is! 🙂

photo-15This is me and one of my littles after the performance! So proud!


My gift this year was a monogramed tote that I can carry all of my stuff in when I’m teaching. I love it so much. The one I was using was much smaller and wouldn’t fit much more. I’m so grateful for it!

Did you have your show/performance/recital yet? How did it go? If you are still in the planning process, we got your back! You can do it, and it will be wonderful! 🙂

p.s. I like to document the memories every year. Here are the past few years if you would like to see! It was fun to look back!




  1. Oh, Maria! This post makes me smile so much! Those flowers are just a small portion of all the love people feel for you. Although they are all stunning. And that tote is amazing. So perfect!

    1. Author

      Thanks Tiffany! I wish those flowers would last forever. At least the memories will! 🙂

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