Community Brainstorm: Easter Ideas!

photo contributed from Candace and The Dance Lab

From Candace Carriger of The Dance Lab 

Scrambled Egg Game for Creative Dance: Ages: 5-6 year old

Need: One dozen large plastic colored eggs
One dozen small plastic colored eggs
Two different colored sheets of paper
A basket, bag, or bucket

Preparations: On one colored sheet of paper, write down 12 spring animal names. On the other colored sheet of paper, write down 12 action words. Cut and fold each word. The animal names go inside the large plastic eggs. The action words go inside the small plastic eggs. (One word in each egg) Place all the eggs into your basket, bag, or bucket.

 Ready to play: Taking turns, choose one large egg and one small egg. Open the two eggs and unfold the papers to reveal the animal and action word Ex: bunnies crawling, birds flying, etc. (But remember, you don’t know what you might get, and sometimes it’s a silly combination, like bunnies flying or birds hopping). Then try out that animal move around the room.

Open another two eggs for the next scrambled egg dance. Continue until all dancers have a turn opening an egg. We call it the Scrambled Egg Game because the animals and the movements get all scrambled up (And all of our dancers do not celebrate Easter, so this is a way to include everyone) See what works best with your dancers. Create a variation for younger or older dancers Allow this idea to inspire your own version of this game. Make it your own and have fun!


From Jenn Eisenberg: 

A song from Guitar Bob: Bunny Rabbit Rock 

A poem: 
Bunny rabbit, bunny rabbit, hop up high.
Bunny rabbit, bunny rabbit, hop on by.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, creep down low.
Caterpillar, caterpillar, go, go Go!
– By Mary Quattlebaum

A Game: What Is In Your Easter Basket?

One at a time each dancer says “In my Easter Basket there is…” and they make a movement or shape. Then the next dancer says “In my easter basket there was a(their idea) … and repeat what the last dancer said. Go around the room, and by the time everyone has said what is in their easter basket you have a big big the basket! 🙂


From Cait Fraser: 

Easter Egg Hunt: We perform an “Easter Egg Hunt” dance, looking high and low (lots of levels), over and under movements. With an older class I might give them a specific type of movement to use while looking for their next “egg” (imaginary eggs of course.. the best kind!). We also talk about how heavy or how big their egg is they found, what color, we “roll” our eggs into the middle of the room or use partners/the whole class to lift the “biggest one”.

Pattern Bunny Hop: My 6 & 7 year olds enjoy talking about and creating patterns, so we make up simple jumping patterns to travel with, ie: 1 foot, 2 feet, 1 foot, 2 feet or right right left, right right left. Everyone’s bunny travels in a different pattern! With older kids, you could add in directional changes or longer patterns (2 hops quarter turn, 1 hop half turn).


Do you have any Easter ideas to share? We would love to hear!





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