Thinking + Dancing

lineI wrote a little post over at Dance Advantage a few weeks ago about encouraging thinking dancers.

Growing Thinking Dancers In Preschool 

It’s just a few ideas to refresh and inspire. I hope you enjoy it! xo



  1. “Maddie, your spider walk looks so interesting” Can I try it with you?”
    It’s important for you as the teacher to know what their creations feel like on your body.

    That quote from the article has really influenced my teaching this week. I had never tried this in my classes, and was curious to see how my students would respond. They responded so strongly, that I ended up making my lesson plans for the week around this idea. I introduced the concept of sharp and smooth, and we explored the movement together as a class. I then had each student share their favorite sharp or smooth movement, and then the whole class tried it together. It gave my students such a sense of ownership and pride in their creativity! This is an activity I will be adding to my regular repertory. Thanks for sharing- I love having a place to go to read about what other teachers are doing.

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