Community Brainstorm – St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

The Community Brainstorm Project is exploring the idea of bringing together dance teachers in this community and sharing a snapshot of thoughts on a specific topic. My hope is that we learn new & useful ideas, it sparks new conversations, or perhaps pushes us to investigate a topic that we have never thought about in our own teaching. I’m really excited about hearing from every single one of you. After all, the best way to learn is from each other! – Maria


From Edna Reinhart: 

Im married to an Irishman and get some of my ideas from him. I have no idea if they are true or not. Obviously music by Irish groups such as the Cheiftains is great. One of the favourites over the years is to talk about the giant Fin McCool. So, lots of giant steps. How many steps does it take to go from corner of room to corner of room? I tell them about the giant pot of porridge that Finn has for breakfast. It’s as big as the room. We are the sultanas swishing around in the giant pot of porridge. Finn McCool also leaps over huge river systems. Looking for four leaved clovers. There are lots of great Irish myths to take ideas from. Good luck. Have fun.


From Maia Writh: 

We turn into leprechauns and search for the pot of gold! jump and leap over the mini leprechaun houses (aka yoga blocks), pencil roll down the leprechaun road (yoga mat), hula with the mini leprechaun hoops (the small hoops – the kids love seeing how much harder it is to keep these lil hoops up – we also try spinning the hoop on just one arm or just one leg!), and finally we dance to the end of the rainbow (use rainbow streamers and skip around the entire room – or chasse – or gallop with younger toddlers) and I usually have shiny gold stickers (the pot of gold!) to give them at the end of the adventure. All to Irish Folk Music of course!


I posted this question on my facebook page and these teachers shared their ideas. Do you have ideas to add? How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s day today in class? 




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