Creating With Kids – Fostering Dreams Project

 A teacher wrote me about this project. I wanted to help spread the word because I think it’s a wonderful project spreading the love of dance to children who need it. Read more below! 

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“We are taking a group of 8-10  foster youth between ages 15-19yrs old who have always wanted to learn how to dance and give them 30 days of dance and life transformation. We have some of the top choreographers in the industry signed on to teach and mentor them. We will be documenting their journey and getting their life stories and explore the challenges and triumphs they encounter each day.  We will be documenting their journey before, during and after dance is introduced into their lives.”

“The final goal, is to to show the profound positive effects dance has on each of their lives, and for the youth to find their voice and self expression through the art of dance and moment. We will explore what new possibilities the youth now see for their future.”

“We’ll also be getting academic information to observe the effect the dance instruction has on that too. After the 30 days, the youth will choreograph and perform for the annul talent show at First Star to showcase their work through their own self expression. The youth will also be given scholarships to some of the top dance studios in LA. We have two studio’s signed on already Athletic Garage and Independent Dance Company.”  

“Foster youth have never been able to be legally be on camera, without their guardian approval and a court approved order. We teamed up with First Star program at UCLA founded by Peter Samuelson, who has been granted the first court order in United States history to ever be approved allowing foster youth to be filmed! This is now allowing us to share their story and the dance community will be the first to make this groundbreaking film.”

If this project speaks to you and you would like to contribute, visit their kickstarter and learn more about it! 


Have you ever been involved in a project that has brought dance to a community in need?  I would love to hear! 

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